Apple Picking!

Apple Picking!

Picking apples….eating apples…whatever

My favorite fall activity is definitely picking apples, and living in the midwest means apple orchards galore. We are partial to Legend Hills Orchard, which is a little further from our house than other orchards, but it’s also right down the road from the Velvet Ice Cream factory. Apples. Ice cream. *sigh* All the makings for a perfect afternoon.

Along with being an apple orchard, Legends (I like to think we’re on a first name basis) is also a farmers market and pumpkin patch. Naturally, we had to get a couple pumpkins to go along with our 40 pounds of picked apples because helllooooo we have a minivan! It’s made for tiny humans and all the stuff they collect 🙂 Anyways, back to the apples. Our main apple usage is making sauce and crisp, so we picked a variety of flavorful apples – Cortland, Jonagold, Jonathan, Mutsu, and Winesap.

Eli and Ava were apple-picking champs! First time we actually remembered to grab one of the tall apple picking pole things from the farm before going into the orchards, so that was a huge help. And for the first time ever….drumroll please….Eli ATE an apple!!! Not the whole thing – let’s not get crazy here – but he tried every single variety of apple we picked. This is the kid who sticks to carbs, peanut butter, and more carbs. Unbelievable! So, overall, a very successful day of apple picking. Now home to make some goodies!

Cutest pumpkins in the patch…and the round orange things are okay too 🙂
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