Paper Bag Snowflakes

Paper Bag Snowflakes

Ava has been bitten by the crafting bug…..and I LOVE it! I saw on Pinterest a new type of snowflake to make out of paper bags. Having made folded paper snowflakes all my life, I was mildly interested in this new technique. When I continued getting videos and posts showing up everywhere I looked advertising these bag snowflakes, I knew I had to try them. Cue my crafting assistant, Ava! Most of these posts showed brown paper lunch bags for the snowflakes, but as Ava pointed out, “Mama, you said we should not touch dirty snow, so we better not make brown dirty snowflakes.” Excellent, Ava. I’ll just ignore the 100 pack of brown lunch bags sitting in our pantry and spend $9 ordering white paper lunch bags. Once the bags arrived, I pulled out my handy dandy cordless hot glue gun, a pair of super sharp scissors, and my stack of lunch bags, and got to work! Ava and I had a great time making these super simple snowflakes and they turned out awesome! Check them out 🙂


  1. Paper lunch bags – you will use 9 per snowflake
  2. Hot glue – don’t even try to use liquid glue or glue sticks!
  3. Sharp scissors
  4. Hole punch
  5. Twine or ribbon for hanging
  • Count out 9 paper bags and one at a time, make a “T” with the hot glue and stack the bags to each other. The bag flap should be facing towards you at the top with the opening at the bottom. Make sure all of the bags are facing the same way!
  • Cut a short diagonal on each side of the opening, and a small circle or triangle above it along the sides. Don’t try to get fancy with a bunch of cuts – Ava and I found the least amount of cuts the more sturdy the snowflakes will be for hanging!
  • After the hot glue has dried, unfold the bags like an accordion and glue the end bags together.
  • Hole punch and thread with twine for hanging.
Our indoor snowy wonderland!

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