I have 40 pounds of apples sitting on my countertop right now, which naturally means it’s time to bring out the applesauce making equipment. Before I go any further, if you want to know the secret to EASY applesauce making, it’s all about this machine. Deluxe Food Strainer and Sauce Maker by VICTORIO VKP250 Best Christmas gift ever! Thank you, Sam 🙂

This machine literally takes all the work out of making applesauce. NO peeling apples! NO coring apples! Smooth sauce every time. Done.

Now, onto the joy of making applesauce!

Step 1: Remove apple stems; cut apples in half, then each half into quarters so you have apple chunks. Throw all the chunks into a large pot – peels, seeds, cores, apples – everything! No need to be fancy here!

No need to remove peels or cores!

Step 2: Add about a half cup of water to the pot. You don’t want your apples to burn. Heat on the stove on medium high heat until apples are broken down. You want nice saucy apple chunks! Add a little more water as needed while heating so apples don’t stick to the bottom, but remember, you don’t want too much liquid or your sauce will be runny! When apples are broken down and soft, remove from heat to let cool slightly.

Step 3: Here we go! Pour apples into the machine and start cranking out sauce! The machine automatically separates the skin and seeds from the apples, so the junky stuff gets spit out the end and the yummy apple part is sauced. This is when my kids start shouting “The machine is pooping apple stuff!” Sidenote – If you don’t have a 3 and 6 year old obsessed with the word “poop” it’s worth borrowing someone’s kids to help with applesauce making, cause really, who doesn’t want to be reminded of poop while saucing?!? 🙂

See how easy making applesauce is with this handy dandy sauce maker machine?? Take it from someone who grew up peeling and coring apples to make sauce – this is a GAME CHANGER!

Look at all that delicious sauce!
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