Day 3 – Homeschool

Day 3 – Homeschool

Our life for the foreseeable future!

I never thought I would actually be homeschooling my kids, but that’s the world we are living in right now. During the summer, we occasionally do worksheets and academics, but it’s much more relaxed knowing it’s just review of what they learned in school. I’m really doubtful they will be returning to school to finish out Kindergarten and Preschool, so I’m giving it my best shot to keep them on track learning what they need to. Eli’s teacher sent home some worksheets and a “menu” of activities to choose from each day (i.e. count to 100, write a sentence, send someone a letter, etc.) but that is only going to last a week or two. So, I’ve been scouring the internet for educational websites and resources. Here are some of our favorites so far!

  • ABC Mouse – Ava loves this website! Fun games and learning sessions. They have a 30 day free trial, but a lot of school districts have an agreement that it’s free for the duration of school closures. Check with your district to see if they have a code for you!
  • Adventure Academy – this is the step up from ABC Mouse for older kids. It says age 8+, but Eli at age 6.5 thinks it’s great. He needed my help to begin with reading and figuring out what to do, but he now operates it on his own.
  • Kahn Academy – this is a math website. Eli just started it today and was hooked! It starts out super easy for Kindergarten – as if you started it the beginning of K – but you can take quizzes to advance to wherever you are in school.
  • Mystery Doug – both kids liked the website. It has lots of science short videos about how things work. Today the kids watched a 5 minute video on where pizza came from. Ava said, “a restaurant, of course!” Ha!
  • Worksheet Fun – this is the BEST free printable worksheet website I’ve found! Sooooo many options for all grade levels and subjects!
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga You Tube videos – this is a great thing to get kids moving when the weather isn’t cooperating to be outside. Eli and Ava both said they watch these videos in school anyways, so they were excited to do it at home.
Yoga time!

As we navigate the remaining school year, hope these resources will come in handy!

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