Day 1 of the Coronatine

Day 1 of the Coronatine

Well, the world has officially come to a stand still. Literally. Coronavirus hit the United States, and now Ohio, so schools are cancelled, gatherings of 100+ people are cancelled, and it’s pandemonium at grocery stores. Toilet paper seems to be most in demand, followed by cheese, graham cracker crusts, and frozen potatoes.

Lots of pie bakers during this pandemic

I don’t understand the toilet paper thing because this virus is NOT affecting the GI tract at all, but since there is a run on toilet paper, the cheese hoarding makes sense ~ can’t find TP so might as well constipate yourself up! Hahaha!!

More distressing to me than the food or TP hoarding, is school being cancelled with 2 days notice! Forget grocery hoarding, I’m frantically hoarding craft supplies! Supposedly the schools are cancelling for 3 weeks, but I’m not hopeful they are actually going to re-open before the end of the school year. Universities have already said campuses are closed through the end of the semester and it’s only online classes. So, with that in mind, I’ve stockpiled 4,800 squares of colorful tissue paper, painting projects, foam stickers, 48 pieces of sidewalk chalk, 280 pieces of construction paper, fuzzy pom poms, hot glue, glue sticks, liquid glue, 100 popsicle sticks, several jars of paint, crayons, markers, and 150 paper plates ready to tackle the coming days. Oh, and 96 containers of Play Doh from Christmas, although I think we are down to about 90 by now.

Stay tuned for lots of kids craft projects in the coming days!

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