The Book Loft

The Book Loft

Have you ever visited a place and immediately thought you would be happy to call it home??? I walked into my happy place over the weekend when we ventured into German Village and checked out The Book Loft. This store is actually a pre-Civil War era home, with 32 rooms of floor to ceiling books! If you’re claustrophobic and think books are just okay, you would do best to stay outside. BUT, if you’re claustrophobic and LOVE books, you’ll quickly got over the claustrophobia and be happy surrounded by all those pages waiting to be read 🙂 The house is easy to get lost in, with the tight hallways, stairs everywhere you turn, and shelves dividing rooms so you can’t see over them, but it’s truly a book-lovers paradise!

Perusing the shelves

The kids were instantly captivated by all of the children’s books, especially the rows of movie-inspired books, Disney, Nickelodeon, and video game ones. To see them pulling books off shelves and wanting to read them made my heart sing 🙂 Eli is really into the Magic Treehouse series, so we let him choose a new book, while Ava chose a couple sticker books. My love for reading started right around Kindergarten, so I’m doing everything I can to encourage Eli’s interest in books, too!

Eli found this step stool and carried it with him to every shelf 🙂

You may have noticed in all the pictures the books with orange stickers on them. Every book (or at least every book we looked at) is 5% off the retail price, but there is also a huge area of bargain books. Those books are up to 80% off the retail price, and they are good books ~ not just the odd ones no one wants! Ha! Kids books, cookbooks, gardening, home decorating, fiction, non-fiction, paperback, hardcover… many books cheap!

Cute garden area outside the bookstore with benches

I would have spent HOURS (ok, let’s be honest, I was ready to go home and get my sleeping bag and offer to be the live-in book caretaker) perusing the shelves, but we had to get home for church that evening. The good news is the kids enjoyed the Book Loft and want to return 🙂

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