Perler Bead Crafts

Perler Bead Crafts

It’s craft time! Click here for a link to these awesome templates on Amazon!

My childhood came full circle again last week when we were at a friend’s house and her little girls were making perler bead crafts. Remember those tiny plastic beads that you arrange on a tiny plastic peg board and then iron so they fuse together?? It was my favorite craft in the 90’s and I remember making so many of those things and giving them to my friends at school. I’m smiling as I write this just taking a trip down memory lane 🙂 Anyways, Ava thought they were the neatest thing and wanted to make some little trinkets herself, so we went to IKEA and bought a starter bucket of beads and a few templates. She also wanted a container to sort all the colors, which sounded like a good idea until I actually opened the bucket of beads and the enormity of the task hit me ~ we’re talking about sorting 10,000 beads that are best handled with tweezers! Needless to say, the only beads that get sorted are the ones that end up on the table and floor, and we haphazardly toss them in the sorting container as we clean up.

Ava attempting to sort the bucket of beads 🙂 You can see in the background that even Sam enjoys a good perler bead craft!

Perler beads are super easy and fun to do on a rainy day or on the many cold days that I’m sure are right around the corner. As long as your kids are not in the “eat everything in sight” age category, the beads are excellent for fine motor development. Ava’s little 4 year old fingers have no problem handling the beads….my 35 year old fingers prefer tweezers 🙂 Basically you arrange the beads on the peg board templates in whatever creative pattern your heart desires, then place a piece of parchment paper over the design, and iron it on high for just about 10 seconds. **Make sure you continually move the iron around the design and don’t just press down!!** When you see bead colors adhering to the parchment paper and melting together, you’ll know to stop ironing. Once it cools, the beads will pull away from the paper and voila! You have a cute little something to turn into a magnet, ornament, flying Ninja star….whatever!

Step 1: place beads on template
Step 2: continually move the iron around the design for 10 seconds or more depending on heat of the iron
Step 3: when you see the beads melting together through the parchment paper, stop ironing and let cool before peeling off paper

If you really enjoy perler beads, look on Pinterest for some adorable patterns! I put up a Christmas tree in my craft room last year with only ornaments that I had made or that represented crafting. Well, this year, I predict there will be a lot of perler ornaments 🙂

Everyone needs a Bob Ross made from perler beads 🙂
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