Boo Buckets

Boo Buckets

It’s almost Halloween and we are super excited in this house! Just finished gathering the remaining couple items for Eli’s and Ava’s costumes, and our house has turned from pretty princess birthday back to all things pumpkins and leaves. Ahhhh, I love fall! One of my favorite things to do around Halloween is make “Boo Buckets/Bags” and secretly deliver them to friends and family (okay, so most of the time it isn’t really a secret). When I was little, my mom always did fun things like this with my siblings and I ~ we delivered “May Baskets” on May 1st, platters of iced Easter cookies, Boo Bags, etc. My mom is one of the most considerate people I know and is always thinking of others and what she can do to help them, whether it’s taking meals to help out during a stressful time, sending cards just to brighten someone’s day, lighting candles and praying at church….she is the epitome of “Random Acts of Kindness” and all of her efforts stuck with me. I’ve often said that if my kids only learn one thing from me, it’s going to be consideration for others. Thus, Boo Buckets started up this year 🙂

Eli and Ava were both off school today, and both had to get flu shots, so I decided it would be the perfect day to have a little fun after the not-so-fun doctor visit. I told them we were going to make Boo Bags today (they turned into Boo Buckets when we couldn’t find Halloween bags at the store! Ha!) and then ring people’s doorbells and run away leaving them with the treat. They both looked at me like I was nuts and Eli said, “Can we really do that?? We can ring their doorbell and run away??” Hopefully this random act of kindness doesn’t come back to haunt me in their teen years! 🙂

So, off to Wal Mart we went to pick up some Halloween goodies! Ava claimed she couldn’t walk after getting her flu shot in her leg (she might be a little bit of a diva), so she rode in the cart and Eli excitedly offered to push it…until I realized they had a plan of their own where Eli pushed Ava to the candy aisle and she put her arm out to swipe all the candy on the shelves into the cart 🙂 I took over cart duties after that! We ended up with some caramel apples, bags of Muddy Buddies, Reese Pumpkins, sugar cookies, and Halloween Cheetos bags, plus some cute buckets. Now it was home to pack the buckets, color some Halloween pictures I printed off the computer, and play a little ding dong ditch!

Boo Buckets full of goodies!

We made 5 buckets this year and although our identity ended up being discovered by everyone, the kids were SOOOOOO excited doing this project. They are already talking about being “Joy Makers” around Christmas time and what they can do for others. This is what makes my heart happy 🙂

Eli told Ava to make a “Boo face” like him 🙂
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