Surprise Family Outing

Surprise Family Outing

Last weekend was gorgeous outside, so we decided to check out a new walking trail for kids. I love surprises – both being surprised and planning surprises – so we decided not to tell the kids where we were going and what we were doing. Plus, anytime we mention the words “hiking” or “walking outside” Ava immediately says her legs hurt and asks us to bring the wagon for her. Oh my dainty little princess 🙂 We picked up McDonald’s to have for a picnic and ended up at the Storybook Trail at Alum Creek Beach!

First, why hasn’t anyone thought of interactive trails for kids before now?!? And second, what a fun way to blend exercise and reading – two things that don’t normally go together! The Storybook Trail was created by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and is a half-mile trail through a wooded section near Alum Creek beach, which is cool because you can see glimpses of the water as you walk. The first story on this trail (I’m told the stories will periodically change) was “In the Trees, Honey Bees!” by Lori Mortensen. The book was essentially made into huge plaques that were placed sporadically along the trail, so as you walked you read the book and by the end of the trail, you will have read the entire book. So genius! Eli and Ava LOVED running from page to page, and not only did we read the story, we also completed the activities listed – flap your wings like a bee until you find the next page, see how long you can buzz like a bee, etc.

The first book to be featured on the Storybook Trail
One of the giant pages of the book

It’s activities like these that make me so thankful to live in Ohio. We are one of only 7 states in the nation to have free admission to our 75 state parks! Next time the weather is calling for you to be outside, consider checking out this Storybook Trail. We had lots of fun!

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