Dublin Riverboxes

Dublin Riverboxes

70 degrees in November means one thing – GET OUTSIDE!! I know the cold will be returning soon (and with it snow, hopefully!!) but for now, the sun is shining, the skies are a brilliant blue, and this pale family needs some vitamin D!

I’m continually impressed with the city of Dublin and all they do to get families exploring the area. We loved the Fairy Trail of fairy doors, so I was thrilled to read they have a new trail of Riverboxes to introduce people to geocaching. 16 artists created awesome sculptures along the Scioto River and within each sculpture is a hidden compartment containing a geocache box. You’re supposed to write your name in the geocache journal (like a normal geo-box) but there is also a stamp and ink pad to commemorate the sculpture. There is a paper passport booklet to print off online to collect the stamps and once you collect all of them, you turn it in to the Dublin Arts Council for a prize. Click here to go to the Riverbox website and learn more.

70 degree day in November + free weekend = Geocache time! Not knowing what to expect, we drove to the first address listed for a Riverbox and from there followed the clues. Usually a geocache just gives GPS coordinates, but the fun thing about this specific Riverbox challenge is that there are clues once you get to the designated park, so it makes the hunt seem more like a treasure hunt. Eli was a little…. reluctant (aka he was a stinker complaining about not playing on the playground and being forced to walk around instead) at first, but as I read the first clue about walking near a rocky patch along the river to find the box named “Big Turtle,” Eli suddenly remembered seeing a turtle statue on a previous trip to the park and he excitedly ran ahead. Sure enough, he spotted the turtle and then noticed a secret door in the stomach, which revealed the geocache box. Eli was hooked! We ended up finding 8 of the 16 boxes on Saturday before deciding we needed a Frosty break 🙂

Sunday, we picked up my 91 year old grandma and took her on her first ever geocache adventure. She was so excited and had a great time being with us. We found 4 more Riverboxes with her and now just have 4 more left to find soon.

If you are looking for something fun to get the whole family involved with, I can’t recommend Geocaching enough! Sam and I started hunting before we had kids, have continued this fun outdoor adventuring with Eli and Ava, and hopefully will still be treasure hunting when we are 91 🙂

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