The Future of Halloween

The Future of Halloween

Socially distanced candy dispenser

I was at Home Depot last night to get some drywall screws because apparently the people who hung the projector in our house thought it would be fine to just hang it from a drywall ceiling without anchoring into studs (side note: this is NOT how a heavy projector that hangs over your head should be hung!), when I came across this Halloween candy dispenser. I saw a photo circling on Facebook of a similar thing and thought it was for sure just a joke of 2020, but then I saw it in person with directions and it stopped me in my tracks. So many initial thoughts swirling through my head:

  1. If parents are allowing their children to trick or treat, they clearly don’t have any issues with COVID and therefore would find this contraption unnecessary
  2. The person handing out candy is still touching every single candy to put it in the tube
  3. It would be less germy to just dump the candy bars from the bag into a bowl or onto a table and not touch every single piece
  4. How is touching Halloween candy any different than touching groceries or fast food from a drive thru?
  5. Why are we making trick or treat more difficult than it has to be?!?!?

On the other hand, I am imagining my grandparents who used to sit in their garage every trick or treat night and hand out packs of cookies to the neighborhood kids. My grandma loved to report back to me the next day how many kids came by their house and what their costumes were (the ones she could identify….too many “modern” costumes these days and not enough kids dressing as pumpkins! Ha!). This candy dispenser tube would have allowed them to pass out cookie packs while staying away from the kids and is definitely something I would have made for them to use. So, I get it now.

Just goes to show that if you take the time to stop and think about something, there may be a different perspective just a few thoughts away 🙂

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