Best Toy Ever!

Best Toy Ever!

When you’re short, you need a little extra help for the perfect launch height 🙂

The older your kids get, the harder it is to shop for birthdays and Christmas. Babies don’t care about things, so you pick what you like and think is cute; toddlers will take to anything that has music and lights and is interactive; but school-age kids definitely have a preference for how they like to spend their free time. We are big into Legos, board games, and outdoor toys at this house (and Eli of course loves any Nintendo Switch game and Ava princess dress-up clothes), so when Eli received these styrofoam planes for his birthday, I knew I had to share this with other parents. Simply put, these are the BEST planes we have ever played with!

How many times did you have one of those generic, white styrofoam plane kits when you were a kid? And how many flights did you get out of it? Maybe 5-10 at the most before a wing broke or something snapped? And then you tried to tape the broken wing, but it threw the plane off balance when flying, so you taped the other wing but it still was off balance and before you knew it, you had more tape than styrofoam on that blasted plane! Based on my past experiences, I wasn’t super thrilled about these planes, knowing Eli was going to be so excited to put them together and fly them but then madder than a wet hornet when the plane broke after just a few flights. But I was WRONG! So very very wrong!!!

Best. Plane. Ever. It is so durable, that even with 6 kids chasing after it in a field and stumbling over it when landed, the plane survived without injury. It was thrown from the top of a slide into a straight nose dive, and not a single blemish. It got stuck in a tree multiple times and was hit with a large broom to get it loose, and yet, the plane is intact. Is it indestructible?? No, we did have one wing break, but only due to Ava tugging at it to try and reposition the wing. But you know what? We fixed it! Wrapped the wing in tape and because the styrofoam has a little weight to it already, the tape didn’t phase the plane one bit. Boom! Now that is a toy!

The planes have a removable back wing thing (fin? tail? I don’t know what it’s actually called) so you can put the plane in “regular” flight mode or “stunt” mode. Stunt mode is my favorite because it makes the plane do all kinds of crazy loops. It’s unpredictable, which makes the kids burst into giggles and screams as the plane comes soaring towards you and then changes direction. We’ve had so much fun over the past few days with these planes, that we ended up ordering a couple more so other kids at the park can play also.

No batteries + 10 second assembly with no tools required + 2 in a pack + loved by both boys and girls = best toy ever!

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