Explosive Ninja

Explosive Ninja

From the time Eli could walk, he was climbing everything!! When chairs and tables were too mundane, he started climbing the outside of our stair railing. Now he has moved onto climbing door jams. He mastered the monkey bars at every park this summer, and happily told me he mastered the entire climbing-obstacle-circuit-course on his school playground. He is active and I love that, especially because he equally likes to play video games and veg-out in front of the tv. So, with the weather turning gross and soccer season finished, I knew he needed something else to do that would engage his love of obstacle courses. Behold – Explosive Ninja!!

Swinging between ropes and climbing to the top

I was talking to a mom at the bus stop about wanting to find a Ninja gym (you know, like the tv show American Ninja Warrior) and she recommended Explosive Ninja where her son recently attended a birthday party. It’s not terribly far away, they had a good class time slot, and it was less money each month than Ava’s dance class. Perfect! Plus, we didn’t have to commit to anything long-term, so if Eli decided it was too hard and he just wasn’t able to do the activities, we could stop after a month. Well, 2 months into it, and I don’t see Eli stopping Ninja class anytime soon! Ha!

This was the hardest balancing obstacle!

Once a week, for one hour, Eli gets to do all the climbing, swinging, and balancing he wants 🙂 The class starts with a 20 minute warm up to stretch and loosen up muscles, then the Ninja coach divides the class into groups and they start on the Ninja circuit course. There are 5-7 stations with various obstacles at each one ~ swinging rings, climbing ropes, pipes to shimmy across, balance beams, and of course, the famous “warp wall” they have on tv. It’s a fun place and the kids are really encouraging of each other, especially when new ones join the class and are unsure what to do on the obstacles. We love Explosive Ninja and highly recommend it for anyone who has an active kiddo that uses the house for a jungle gym 🙂

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