Ice Cream Challenge

Ice Cream Challenge

Halloween is over and all that’s left in its wake is a huge pile of candy! Now the question becomes, what to do with it?? Sure, there is the new “Switch Witch” thing where parents take their kid’s candy during the night and leave a toy or something in its place, but that is way too millennial for me ~ A.) I can’t think of an *affordable* toy that would be enough of a draw for a kid to overlook a pile of candy disappearing, and B.) why can’t the parents say “no” to their children directly if they think they’ve had enough sweets?? So, we don’t do the “Switch Witch” thing in this house and instead, have some fun with our new sweets!

Ava asked if we could do an “Ice Cream Challenge” tonight, and it was such fun that I wanted to share it with all of you 🙂 How it works is you scoop everyone a bowl of ice cream, then write the names of all the toppings on slips of paper, which get folded up and put into a bowl. The first person draws a paper and reads the ingredient. She then gets to decide how much or how little of that topping she wants to put on her ice cream or anyone else’s ice cream. It’s a super simple game but one that the kids love to play.

Eli precisely chopping some candy bars for our toppings
Our candy bar toppings included: Twix, M&M, Snickers, 100 Grand, 3 Musketeers, York, Butterfinger, and Reese Cups
All ready to play!
Ava’s first topping draw was Cool Whip!

Eli asked to do a “Pizza Challenge” last week, so we made 3 homemade pizzas and had a variety of toppings. It was so ironic because Eli won’t try new foods and only eats cheese on his pizza, but he managed to convince everyone else playing the game to leave a section of one of the pizzas void of all toppings except cheese 🙂

You can do a “challenge” for just about any food, so try your own experiments with pizza, ice cream, bowls of cereal, cookie dough add-ins, etc. It’s a fun way to spend quality family time, and maybe your kids will even try new food combinations!

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