Best Veggie Steamer!

Best Veggie Steamer!

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t eat as many vegetables as I should, so when I find something that advertises as easy way to retain as many vitamins and minerals as possible, I give it a try. Might as well get the most out of my veggies when I eat them! Introducing my favorite little gadget for STEAMING broccoli and cauliflower…and I’m sure it would work great for carrots, too, if I actually ate those 🙂 This basket thing keeps the veggies OUT of the cooking water, so all that good stuff in broccoli doesn’t end up making green water that gets poured in the sink.

The sides are flexible and fold up so it fits in pretty much any size saucepan. Just add some water to the pan (not too much that it comes up through the holes), put your chopped veggies in the basket, and cook on medium/high until your veggies are as tender as you like. Best thing about this steamer is you can throw it in the dishwasher. Boom! One less thing to wash by hand!

(Left) Broccoli before cooking. (Right) Rich, green color after steaming!

If you’re in a veggie rut and need to change up how you cook them, give this steamer basket a try. Not only does the broccoli taste better, but it even looks better when it retains all that green nutrient goodness!

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