Bikes Part 1

Bikes Part 1

Sam and I have always loved biking, and after having kids, we knew it was something we would continue doing as a family. Which meant researching the best way to haul around the kiddos on long rides, and the best way to introduce them to riding their own bikes. I decided I didn’t want to put the kids in the seats that sit directly on my bike just incase they got a bit wiggly and it threw me off balance, so we decided on a pull-behind trailer. Eli was 7 months old when I called his pediatrician’s office to ask if he could ride in a trailer even though it said for age 1+ years. The doctor’s words exactly: “Always a helmet, strap him in, and enjoy the ride.” Score! That day we went for our first family bike ride. If you are in the market for a trailer, I highly recommend getting a “double” even if you only have one child. The InStep Folding Trailer is the one we have used for six years now and it has held up remarkably well through 2 kids, plus it collapses flat for packing on trips, which is amazing. Well worth every penny!

Ava still loves the trailer at almost 4 years old! Plenty of room for her and toys 🙂

When Eli got tired of riding in the trailer, but wasn’t quite ready to go on long rides on his own bike, we bought him a “tag-a-long bike” which has worked out great. It is a full bicycle without a front wheel, and attaches to the back of Sam’s bike, so when Eli pedals, it actually helps propel both bikes. Ava is just about ready for her own tag-a-long, but I know when we give up the trailer, it means all that cargo moms have to carry around for the kiddos – jackets, extra change of clothes, snacks – will just end up in a backpack on my back! I gave her a pillow to sit on, so maybe that will keep her comfy and happy in the trailer for a little while longer?!?!

Ava trying out the tag-a-long. Her legs are just barely long enough for the pedals, but she thinks it’s fun!

A whole new segment of kids bikes is now “balance bikes.” Sam and I are officially believers in this training method, and I have so much to say, so stay tuned for the second part of my bikes post that will be dedicated to balance bikes!

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