Country Kids

Country Kids

We had the best night yesterday hanging out with our dear “country friends.” They live on 5 acres of peaceful bliss, where the sky is dark enough to see stars and the surrounding area quiet enough to hear crickets. Sam is always sending me real estate links to houses in the country, but while the kids are in school, dance class, soccer, and anything else they decide to try, and I’m the primary taxi for them, I can’t think of living further than 5 minutes from everything. So, we will just continue to be grateful for our friends who welcome us at a moments notice to enjoy the solitude of their acreage 🙂

One of the presents Eli received for his birthday was a Ninja course. He is alllllll about the Ninja Warrior tv show and is constantly climbing and jumping off everything in the house. So, we took the Ninja course to our friends’ house and used their perfectly spaced trees to attach the main slack line and all the hanging obstacles. Really fun but much more difficult than we thought ~ the slack line moves the obstacles every time your weight shifts.

The elusive yellow knot ball!

Good thing there are lots of trees in the country, so in addition to the Ninja course, there was also a zip line and regular slack line stretched between trees. And if that wasn’t enough entertainment, they have adorable chickens 🙂

Zip line fun
I sort of want chickens now…

We capped the evening off with a bonfire and s’mores, but these s’mores deserve their own post. It was like s’mores 2.0! Stay tuned!

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